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Microdermabrasion Reviews

Scars caused by acne breakouts and the effects of aging are incredibly complicated to get rid of. Depending on the sternness of the acne scars or aging effects, they can leave you feeling frustrated and very self conscious. There is no doubt that an even and smooth skin tone can boost one’s esteem and confidence significantly. The good news is that it is highly possible to remove skin problems. With a good skin care regimen and a healthy diet, a microdermabrasion procedure can be performed at home and in salons to clear your skin problems.

However, before you undergo this treatment procedure, look for microdermabrasion reviews first to help you in making an informed decision.

How It Works

When you opt for this procedure in a dermatologist or surgeon’s clinic, a special device almost similar to a light sandblaster will be utilized to exfoliate the crest layer of your dead skin cells. After which, diminutive abrasive crystals will be sprayed across your face. These crystals are typically aluminum oxide because of their static and oil absorbing features, though other substances can also be employed.

Once the crystals are already sprayed on your face, they will be suctioned up with the use of a vacuum together with your dead skin cells. It normally takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes to accomplish the entire process.

Most microdermabrasion reviews report that best results can only be achieved by undergoing five to ten treatments with about one week intervals between sessions. Intermittent follow-up sessions may be required for maintenance. Skin care doctors and specialists may suggest that your skin should be moisturized more aside from getting a good skin care regimen after your treatment.

Skin Conditions

Microdermabrasion procedure can cure a variety of skin problems and conditions, but most are associated to aging. Since this process can stimulate collagen as well as new skin cell growth, it is an effective treatment for the following skin issues:

  • Crow’s feet or small wrinkles around your eye area
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven pigmentation

This is a specifically efficient treatment if you are sensitive to drugs such as Retin-A. There are only a few side effects linked to the procedure, with most patients experiencing light redness or mild swelling that commonly fades away within an hour or a day, being the longest. During or after the treatment, you might experience a slight non-painful tingling.

Microdermabrasion can assist other lotions and creams to work better on you because it allows them to be sopped up by your skin more deeply.

If you have one of the following skin problems, you will most likely be proscribed from undergoing this treatment procedure:

  • Herpes
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Severe Acne
  • Warts
  • Psoriasis
  • Open lesions/sores
  • Eczema

It is critical to be truthful and straightforward to your physician regarding your medical history and any other skin conditions that you currently have. In addition, physicians may ask you to end your aspirin regimes or quit smoking prior to undergoing this treatment.

Finding a Practitioner

Microdermabrasion reviews may help you find a skilled physician. Take a look at the Clarisonic reviews, but you should schedule a pre-treatment meeting so you can get an idea on what to expect on the costs as well as the results before starting the sessions.