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Clarisonic Opal Reviews

Most facial care products concentrate mainly in cleansing the cheek part of our face. What it oftentimes neglects is cleaning the skin immediately surrounding our pair of eyes. This can be a terrible mistake. Since the skin around our eyes are just as exposed to dust, dirt, and sun as the other parts of our face, that too, should be intentionally and regularly cleaned. We don’t want to end up leaving that part of our face dark and gloomy. Clarisonic took this into consideration which is why it designed a product that works particularly for that purpose.

Clarisonic Opal comes with a sonic infuser, 3 anti-aging sea serum dispenser caps, extra applicator tip, universal charger, and a travel bag (available only for a limited offer). It is a breakthrough skin care device which targets the minimization to eventual eradication of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around a person’s eye area. It makes use of sonic technology which allows gentle infusion of a serum which is composed of water, soluble collagen, sodium hydroxide, and ascorbic acid among many other ingredients. This serum is infused into the outer layer of the epidermis, massaged into the skin for instant hydration resulting to a smooth and brighter skin.

Outstanding Clarisonic Opal reviews supports the use of this product. In fact, 37 out of 40 users would recommend it to a friend according to online surveys conducted by Clarisonic themselves. Skin Appearance, Texture, and Ease-of-use ratings didn’t go below 4.5 with 5 being the highest. One customer complimented about the product for having reduced her eye bag problems up to 20%. Other Clarisonic reviews made mention, however, of how the serum is seemingly quickly consumed even at a drop. A blog writer also had the chance to use the product after a 4-day sleepless road trip.  She mentioned that it proved effective in eliminating the puff and dryness of hers and her friend’s eyes after they decided to use the product.

Clarisonic Opal price is set at $245, but you can buy it now for $170.

Other Clarisonic products sold are serums, skin polish, and face cleansers. The cleansers come in 3 different types: Refreshing Gel, Nourishing Care, and Gentle Hydro. These ala carte products are priced at less than $100. There is no wonder Clarisonic is not only known for its face cleansing device, but also as producer of best face cleansers. To add, there is one Clarisonic for men product that is growing some popularity as well – the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush. Men who have used the brush testify improvements in their regular shaving.

There is no doubt that Clarisonic has become our present-day solution for skin problems and concerns. Reviews and positive feedback strengthen the company’s pursuit to excellence in terms of manufacturing and designing skin care products. Clarisonic Opal may not be the first of its kind but it certainly leads the available products in the market which has to do with skin care around the eye area. Purchase one now: