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Clarisonic for Men

If one browses on the internet for reviews concerning facial or skin care, one would notice almost instantly that search results mostly return matches on women products and solutions. Searching a little further, however, will probably begin to take you to matches on skin care products for men. Men had always been the minority patrons of grooming and beauty items especially in the old times. Women were the ones adorned, beautified, and well groomed. These days, however, despite the pressing influence of old tradition and culture, the skin care industry are slowly manufacturing products specific to men’s skin types and needs. In fact, one product gaining fame at the present is Clarisonic.

Clarisonic products use sonic (sound waves) technology to catalyze and administer skin health. Sonic technology has become inventors’ latest tool envisioned to alter the way people do things. It has found its way through medicine, entertainment, and now, Clarisonic skin care products.

Clarisonic’s major offering is the Clarisonic PRO Skin Care for Men. It is a device that comes with a brush head which oscillation and movement speed is regularized by two different buttons. It is hand-held so that it can comfortably reach even to hard-to-reach areas of the body. The brush is operated by a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second. This action is said to be effective in gently loosening dirt and oil for cleaner pores. The product is marketed as best for people who want younger and smooth skin. It helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches, blemishes and the appearance of visible pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Clarisonic Systems markets 5 different products: Mia, Classic, Plus, Pro, and Opal.

  • Mia is designed to be in compact size and appropriate for people on the go. The product has only one speed and is sold with 1 year warranty for $149.
  • Classic is the original Clarisonic design built to operate in 2 speeds and sold in the market with 2 years warranty at the price of $195. It comes in different colors.
  • Plus is a product built to operate both in Body and Face mode with 3 speeds to choose from, 2 years warranty, and at $225.
  • Pro is the popular 4-speed product sold with 2 years warranty. Because of its popularity resellers refuse to publish its price so customers can call to negotiate it.
  • Opal is also Clarisonic’s product made specifically to administer skin health on the eye area. It operates at a single speed and guaranteed with 2 years warranty. Its published price is $230.

Other Clarisonic skin care products include serums, skin polish, and face cleansers. The cleansers come in 3 different types: Refreshing Gel, Nourishing Care, and Gentle Hydro. These ala carte products are priced at less than $100. There is no wonder Clarisonic is not only known for its face cleansing device, more so, as producer of best face cleansers.

The advent of these products has become very helpful for men. Men have never invested time and effort for skin care because it is perceived a routine and time-consuming habit. Clarisonic found a suitable alternative with the use of the device which no longer requires men to put in extra effort for a cleaner skin. The sonic device itself does the work. More details on Clarisonic for men product reviews can be read below.